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The Cosmic Core Project

Cosmic Core is a collective of Producers born from Tom Cosm's cosm.co.nz music forum for Ableton Live music software Users.

In January 2012, one user's simple idea of collaboration through the mutual love of music, regardless of age, gender or their location on this big blue planet, snowballed into the first album of 22 tracks, by 25 artists from around the world. Artists who share a passion and mindset for harnessing the powers and flexibility of emerging music technology that software such as Ableton Live provides.

The self titled Cosmic Core (Vol 1.) album is a fresh sounding, double CD worth of original electronic music GIVEN TO YOU for FREE download via bandcamp and here or via soundcloud to listen in its entirety.

The album moves effortlessly from Psy though to Acidhouse, Dubstep and melodic, organic electronica and showcases the power of the latest music technology through these otherworldly soundscapes, straight from the furthest regions of the musical cosmos and direct to your synapses.

The album was a global online success, with a live 2 hour radio show launch party dedicated to the album, aired on New Zealand's RDU 98.5FM. They played all 22 tracks, featuring interviews with Maiden & Machine and Tom Cosm, breaking their record for internet stream of their radio show. This was followed by more airplay and an interview of Harmonic Climber on France's FM43 station, and CC artist Project Nexxus (now know as philt3r) co-hosting a show on Radio Port Douglas 107.1FM, live from Australia, playing some tracks from the album. We also received good reviews in the UK and Canadian media among others.

Within a couple of hours our Bandcamp download limit had been exceeded, we had to pay to enable more free downloads.

Our Soundcloud stats show no corner of Planet Earth has escape our sounds. From UK to Peru, Japan, Columbia, Russia, Philippines, India, Algeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China. Everywhere. This is a global project with a growing global audience.

One of the biggest accolades though must be the extent by which the Russian and Chinese pirates have proliferated the album on Torrent sites.....even though it is freely available for download! =) 謝謝 ! Спасибо !

Cosmic Core is truly an international affair. We draw from the diversity of culture, from the musicianship & skills of each individual, no matter who or where you are in this world and we combine our energies to become a powerful production unit, demonstrating impressive results.

A Global Collective

Our represented countries include: United Kingdom, United States, Costa Rica, Ireland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, India, Israel, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, South Africa and New Zealand, the home of Tom Cosm, the artist whose forum is in use each day to make new connections, to gather knowledge from his detailed tutorials and to learn from each other's experience of music software, hardware and performance. True to form, Tom has included tracks of his on all CC Albums to date, alongside the other Cosmic Core artists.

After the success of the first Album of Multi Genre Electronic tracks, we decided to follow it up with the first of a series of Genre specific Albums, entitled 'Drum & Bass From The Core'. Featuring 17 tracks from 11 countries we took the chosen Genre (this time around it was Drum & Bass) and we cooked up some varied and tasty tracks based on this main ingredient. Some artists, although experts in their own style, had never made Drum & Bass and this as lead to some rather edgy takes on the genre.

Another Multi-genre Cosmic Core Volume II was released, followed by another 'From The Core' album, again in just one genre, which was Trance. On 7th Oct 2016 we released our 5th Album - Cosmic Core Volume III

We hope you will enjoy the Cosmic Core experience. Donations are always welcome please download our latest album from Bandcamp to donate or use the donate button on our main page.

Join us and spread the word on facebook at www.facebook.com/CosmicCore

About the Artists

Below you can find info about most of the artists that have contributed to the cosmic-core project.


My name is Bram Nevejans, performing audiovisual projects as 9000 knobs. I was born in 1989 @ Ghent, Belgium. ( Area code : 9000 ).

I began making music around 2000, in my bedroom , with very little gear and knowledge. Due the power of internet and self education i developed producing skills and techniques. Now, 13 years later i dedicated another room for studio purposes wich i am filling with gear :) A man can´t have enough toys to play with....

I've been producing en cooperating the 9000 knobs project for years, but circumstances evolved into a solo project. It's become a one man show now. I had a wonderfull collaboration time ! Awesome musical years !

These days i am focusing mainly on 4 projects. - A dancefloor liveset project, featuring 4/4, 128 bpm based progressive dance tracks. - My first album . Electronic music with an emotional touch. Some more breakbeat, melodic synth driven tracks with some vocal accents. - Pop / Triphop / Singer Songwriting with guest vocalists. Mainly guitar and piano, glued together with some jazzy/ triphop based drums.

I record the vocals in our homestudio and produce some arrangement around it . Or the other way around. Whatever suits the situation. On the other side , i am working on more instrumental, melodic,orchestral based music. Mainly for video soundtrack usage.

I graduated my sound engineering education, for live PA , FOH mix, and monitor mixing for live events. I would love to find myself working in this scene in a couple of years. I am working with ableton for about 5 years now and recently i was able to pick up a copy of Max 4 live . You can find some cool downloads and tutorials for ableton and max.

Feel free to ask anything you would like to know. My great respect goes out to Tom Cosm, who has tons of ableton tutorials and a great ableton community. He inspired me to do what i am doing today. Go check out the Cosm community at http://www.cosm.co.nz/ In the studio

I use Ableton Live, some hardware synths like Korg Electibe EA - 1, Novation Nova, Roland jv 1080, Roland SH - 201. All mixed down on the 32 analog mixing desk soundcraft spirit studio 32 On stage , I try to keep things dynamic by modulating and resequencing the tracks live.

The APC 40 and the Launchpad are the 2 most essential midi units in my setup. The APC controls the send levels , fx racks and triggers scenes and clips . Meanwhile, the launchpad is being used for launching predefined fx envelopes and buildup sounds. For editing drum tracks and adding rythim sections, Native Instruments Maschine is my way to go.

Ableton sends out midi clip data to RESOLUME for the visual part of the project. The clips are triggering visuals created with CINEMA 4D in sync with the ableton midi clock. I like to tweak things as much as possible. Thats why I need a lot of knobs.

I am always prepared for collaborations, sounddesign, commercial projects. Do not hesitate to contact me for hiring purposes. http://www.9000knobs.be

9000 Knobs has experience with more instrumental soundtrack composition, producing jingles and advertising sounds, recording sessions and video montages.

Website: www.9000knobs.be
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/9000knobs
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/9000-Knobs/190664710979152

Angus Green

Angus Green is a young up - and - coming musician based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Having only recently begun producing in early 2010, Angus has steadily swum upstream, refining and building his music as he goes.

His music is diverse, ranging through many different sounds, both those which are original, and those which have been taken from many influences such as Spoonbill, Mr. Bill, Opiuo, Kalya Scintilla, Mustard Tiger, AMB and many others. The sound produced is often funky, fun and upbeat, with a definite disco and funk vibe that is modernised by the beautiful mid - tempo genre.

Now having played alongside greats such as Spoonbill, Mr Bill, Nice and Ego, Ehsan Gelsi and others Angus is ready to take his place in this exciting and technologically influenced wave of music with tunes soon to be released on Adapted Records.

Dj Berni

DJ/producer from the UK now living in Florida. Check out my web site for links to all my stuff on the web...

Official site...http://www.djberni.com

I'm on Soundcloud...http://soundcloud.com/dj-berni-2/

Check my DJ mixes here...https://www.mixcloud.com/dj_berni/

My Youtube channel...http://www.youtube.com/user/djbernidotcom


Today, Bl4cksun is a collection of musical artists with a wide range of disparate musical styles and tastes, all crammed together inside one body. Together they share a need to produce music they love; if other people also share a love for some of their music, so much the better. After all, like a tree falling in a forest, a tune no one listens to, doesn't make a sound.

Bl4cksun started his musical career as a trance DJ playing various online radio stations, even winning the odd DJ contest. Some 300 shows later, bored with just mixing other peoples tunes, it was time to start making his own tracks.

A chance discovery of Tom Cosm's website and its first class Ableton Live tutorials saw the release of Bl4cksun's first tunes on Soundcloud. Hooked on making music, an investment in a couple of hardware synths, an Access Virus and Radical Technologies Spectralis, provided a sonic boost to the Bl4cksun sound.

Too many nights spent in clubs and gigs, gradually took their toll on his hearing, and finally an accident with a faulty sound interface and headphones, left the artist with tinitus and damaged hearing. Completely deaf above 8khz with hearing impaired from 2khz upwards, making use of technology and the help of other peoples ears, Bl4cksun continues doing what he loves most, making music.

Personally, Bl4cksun has a wide musical taste, which has led to a number of collaborations and remixes across all sorts of genres. Releases on a number of charity compilation albums followed and collaborations with people from around the world. He is a member of the Cosmic Core collective, a world wide collection of artists brought together by the Tom Cosm website, and together they release two albums a year. Most recently the addition of an Ableton Push controller to his collection, has seen Bl4cksun start to work on a sound and style that can be gigged live, so watch this space.....

- See more at: http://www.bl4cksun.co.uk/


Chris Stewart is a 27 year old producer from the gold coast Australia. He has been playing classical guitar since the age of 5, writing and recording songs at age 12.

He has played in many different bands whilst growing up, experimenting with soft rock, punk and heavy metal. Writing and performing his own style on solo acoustic guitar with singing. Chris now dovotes most of his time producing a different from the norm, no style no limits electronic music.

Not following any particular taste or trends his passion in life is to make music with no restrictions, each song is individual and different, distinguished in its own unique way.



(Picture: Jesper Left - David right)

Deadllama Biography:

Deadllama is the name of the musical project between Jesper Karlsson and David Aggett (previously releasing as Dead Lama on Drum & Bass from the Core). We both grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and probably saw each others as kids. But didn't know each other before we went to the same school in 2010. [SAE Institute, Electronic Music Production].

As I met David, he showed me some wicked Dubstep tunes and I loved them. I thought to myself, this guy could be fun to work with and so it would seem. We both shared the passion for energetic music and wanted music to be a big part of our lives.

Things didn't go as planned after the music course, I quit making music for one and a half years. I was using Logic and was never really satisfied with it. So I went back to work as a mailman, earned some money and went traveling. After some time I felt that urge again to start producing. This time I started looking on Youtube for inspiration and found Tom Cosm's Tutorials on Ableton Live. I tried it and have never looked back. Now I dedicate a lot of my time into mastering the art of sounds. I hope it shows.


My road started in high school, the second year. I was peer pressured into studying media instead of economy. At the time it felt stupid, but it has proven to be the best decision of my life. After the first week of studying media, I had found nothing that interested me. Photoshop, flash, and journalism just wasn't my thing.

Until they installed Reason 4.0 on the computers. I gave it a test run for 10 minutes, and my teacher showed me everything he knew, pretty much how to insert a sampled drumbeat into a track. When I asked him what to do now, he replied with "I don't know."

After that point I decided this was what I wanted to do, so i started up youtube and looked at any tutorial I could find. After 2-3 years of doing this, I was decent, but in no way good. Due to the lack of a proper teacher I raised some money and studied at SAE institute, which introduced me to Jesper. We made a few joke tracks together and started occasionally hanging out. After the course we went separate ways, and I started making a lot of music with my rap group called PFC(The Permafried Click) which also started as a joke.

We ended up making music very regularly, and eventually moved to berlin for 2 months. Probably the craziest time of my life. I came back with chronic head pains, my laptop got stolen, and 3000 euros of doctors visits to come(No, Swedish healthcare isn't totally free). I was on the verge of quitting the music and just settling for some shit job.

Feeling very demotivated, the people i used to work with were not as accessible, I started looking for new people to work with no success. After 6 months of self-loathing, and extreme head pains, me and Jesper had a reunion. That's when everything changed. Deadllama was born. Jesper had to put up with a demotivated David for a while. Jesper carried our newly formed group and pretty much forced me to have studio sessions(which I'm extremely great full for.) until i finally got my act together and this is where we are today. Two Music nerds exploring the vast world of music.

We like to produce hard hitting, bass Heavy, energetic tracks with the influence from the universe.


Damon Breakz

Damon Breakz is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and music producer based in Stevenage, UK.

Using computers, his voice and instruments he writes and produces tracks in his home studio, creating warm, downbeat, groove-driven soundscapes, as well as ground-shaking, crowd-moving tracks with vocals, guitars, beats, blips and basslines, drawing from an eclectic mix of styles.

Damon studied BTec Popular Music and Sound Recording at Chichester College of Arts, Science and Technology in the late 90s, followed later by Foundation and Advanced Audio studies at the renowned London audio college, Alchemea.

'Damon', real name Dave Holmes, initiated the Cosmic Core project in 2012 by posing a simple question to the cosm.co.nz Ableton Live music forum and soon found himself directing the first album of 22 tracks, featuring 24 artists/producers from around the globe, including top NZ DJ/producer Tom Cosm whose forum the Cosmic Core crew use.

Damon Breakz Cosmic Core Discography:

Cosmic Core Volume I - Voyage To The Starz

Drum & Bass From The Core - Weapon Of Bass Technology

Cosmic Core Volume II - Them

Cosmic Core Volume III - (in progress)

Other Projects:

Dave first started guitar lessons age 7 and has been involved in a variety of genres and projects over the decades. After living in Portugal and embracing the culture of Brasil when back in the UK, he went on to study Brazilian Percussion and performs in UK groups Toque Tambor and Ziriguidum, in local gigs and major festivals. He has gone on to become a proficient and authentic sounding performer of Bossa Nova music, on vocals and guitar, releasing two 'Born To Bossa' demos and touring Europe with his live act, appearing on various Radio shows, reviews and interviews from Japan, Jamaica, Holland, UK and Peru. In 2016 he is touring Eruope with Brazilian artist Andrea Amorim, who released an album with Brazilian Living Legend Roberto Menescal. Menescal, who received a lifetime acheivement Latin Grammy, and whose first show coined the genre name 'Bossa Nova', has said that "Dave's Bossa Nova swing is better than that of many Brazilians". Dave has been working on his own multi-instrumental single, recorded in UK, Portugal and Brasil to be released through his own label and events company, SoulTonic. He is proud of what the Cosmic Core project has already acheived and looks forward to our future projects. Dave will continue with his Damon Breakz persona, to eventually become a live act including percussion, Brazilian rhythm and electronic elements with Drum n Bass and other 'EDM' leanings, whilst continuing his other work uner his own name.

Other interests: Damon works in IT datacentres and dreams of a future working in some capacity within Robotics, running a project called Robotics Universe.


Check out a video from 2012 of Damon in his studio: http://youtu.be/MRiDn9FYeVA







For a more detailed bio click here.


Effulgence is 18 year old producer Prayash Thapa. Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, he moved to the USA about 6 years ago.

Music has always been at his heart, learning to play guitar from his uncle when he was 12 years old. He grew up listening to a very diverse selection of music, ranging from classic rock to technical death metal to hip hop and even folk music.

Assimilation of the American culture had given him the chance to experience electronic music and this is when he developed a very unique taste for music. After listening to the magical works of artists like Emancipator, Aphex Twin, Helios, Erothyme, DJ Okawari and many others, he decided to start producing his own music. Self taught in most aspects of music theory and production, with the help of tutorial videos, research over the internet and pure experimentation, Effulgence has taken a great leap to advance his knowledge of music.

Starting out with dubstep tracks and simple beat loops around August 2011, Effulgence's works have evolved into a very different flavour. With Ambience always at the heart of his music, Effulgence currently produces Trip-Hop, IDM and is also exploring other genres as a part of the learning process. This is the first album that he has featured on and although his music already shows signs of a great future ahead of him as a recording artist, he still sees himself as an amateur producer, always in the process of learning..

With soothing melodies, meditative ambience and relaxing atmospheres, he aims to invoke different states of consciousness and feelings within the listener.

As of now, Effulgence plans to release an EP towards the end of 2012 and is even pursuing the art of live perfomance.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/effulgence
Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/effulgencemusic
Facebook: facebook.com/prayasht
Bandcamp: effulgence.bandcamp.com
YouTube: http://youtube.com/BlaznRage

Father Son and Alcohol

Father Son and Alcohol Bio coming soon....

Fractal Reality

Fractal Reality is a project created by Modesto Vaquerano back in the chilled and groovy shores of Costa Rica.

Being musically influenced by his mother during his childhood by listening mainly to classical and world music, he always was mesmerized by its magic.

In 2008, at the age of 18, after spending many months learning, experimenting and improving step by step, and inspired by the psychedelia, the tropical landscapes and nature, he started experimenting with different sounds and soundscapes, and by this, creating Fractal Reality.

His music blends atmospheric sounds and relaxed melodies, each track having it's own style and groove. Influenced by big artists as Ott, Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Globular, Professor Kliq, 0p0, The Poifox and many others, his music combines elements of each genre, creating a new reality, full of colors, feelings and sounds.

He now lives in Germany, and is currently working on his debut album, planned to be released during fall-winter 2012, -Tales from the Mushroom Mountain- .


Geckode is a blend of jazz, funk, glitch and high tech sound design, packed with enough soul and rhythm to keep you grooving and moving.

An experiment in hip hop, a combination of many genres and styles, constantly learning, sharing and developing.


An Israeli South African, a lover of echoes, shadows, waves, dreams and all manners of things that can be thought but not seen or heard - and so he fittingly thrives in the world of music and animation, where elements of energy, texture and storytelling can be dabbled and played with, formed by the mind and manifested into this modality of reality - this is the essence of the psychedelic state.

Funken Dubs

One part funky beats, one part dubbed out textures, with a hint of Hip Hop and a dash of electronica.

At the core, Funken Dubs is forward thinking groove-based music. By combining electronic production and live instrumentation we strive to create dance floor beats with an organic soul.


Happenstance (born 1990) is an electronic music producer and DJ from a small town named Newton Abbot in the South West of England. He produces music at a variety of tempos, and has a wide range of influences spanning from Drum & Bass, House, and Breaks all the way through to Classical Music.

He has been producing since 2005 and has recently switched to Ableton Live as his canvas. When not making music he's listening to it, when not listening to it he's making it.

Having loved music for as long as he can remember, it seemed inevitable that he would start creating it. Starting from recording overdubs of guitar on a 4 track analogue tape recorder, he now creates entire ensembles of bleeps and blips in a somewhat organised fashion before releasing them into the wild.

His first release, Spirit, on the Cosmic Core album is a journey of emotion, starting calm and unassuming, then firing up to a crescendo before sweeping back down to earth.

Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/officialhappenstance
Facebook - facebook.com/official.happenstance
Bandcamp - officialhappenstance.bandcamp.com/
Email - Happenstance can be reached at happenstance.contact@gmail.com

Harmonic Climber

35 years old but quite new in music production, Denis, AKA Harmonic climber, is a huge fan of (almost) all kinds of music. He's been producing for just a bit more than a year now, since late 2010.

He spent the first 13 or 14 months mostly learning how to use his software and some music principles. Two months ago he finally decided that one of his productions deserved to be heard. It's only his second complete production that you can hear on this album.

Influenced by a large range of musical style, expect some surprise when listening to his work, and if you like what you hear, keep an eye on his soundcloud - soundcloud.com/harmonic-climber - as there is more to come.

Wan't to know a bit more of his musical journey, influence and more?
Then click "this link"


Hi, my name is Sam Martin (Immensus) and I've been producing melodic dubstep (as well as a little drum & bass) for about 6 months now.

My journey of music production started back in 2007 when I first picked up a guitar at age 12. After one month of lessons I began to teach myself scales, chords, and musical theory. Although I loved learning new songs and riffs by my favorite bands and guitarists, what really sparked my interest was creating my own melodies and sounds.

It was a little over a year ago that my passion for writing music really grew exponentially. I kept countless songs I had written stored in my memory as I never wrote anything down on paper or recorded anything, however I was always too shy to show people my music.

I realized that if I was to ever grow as an artists I would have to keep records of my musical creations and show them to other musicians. In August 2011 I purchased musical production programs for my computer. It was also around this time that I started to teach myself piano and my interest for dubstep and other electronic music grew.

With my new fondness of piano and dubstep I decided I would try to recreate melodies I wrote on guitar and try to create my own style as a DJ. It took seven months of experimenting and learning, but I think I have finally found my niche in electronic music.

I attempt to combine passionate, meaningful melodies (something I feel that the genre is lacking) with somewhat deep and heavy drops. Even though there are no lyrics, other than speech samples in certain songs, I try to convey a specific emotion and feel in every one of my songs.

I plan on sticking to this formula for the most part, but in the future I could see myself doing collaborations, attempting other styles, or even live improvisation. But for now, I am just a 17 year old kid who loves to make music, share music, and listen to music. Music is who I am, and I couldn't see myself ever doing anything in life without it.



iProv, has been involved in the music business for many years, and has been influenced by electronic music since the 80's.

He believes that making music and performing it should be a visual as well as a musical experience. So, he is now dedicated to combining both organic and electronic sounds, and hopes to blend all genres, creating dance, ambient and cinematic based music that also involves the visual aspects of performance.

iProv, is now firmly involved in the fast emerging underground electronic music scene in Cork City, Ireland, playing local showcase gig such as Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

He was recently featured as the "Demo of the Month" in Future Music Magazine (Oct 2011) for his mainstream dance track, T.G.I.F.


Knead & Sting

Knead & Sting is a music group consisting of Michael Knead and Alexander Sting which has commited itself to live music by means of electronic instruments. Their tools are synthesizers, samplers and drumcomputers which they play like a jazz band: completely live improvised.

Their music is both minimalistic and hypnotic-monotonous but sometimes also quite melodic. It’s form of Electronica with Ambient and Free Jazz elements that constantly re-invents itself.

Knead & Sting have existed since 2013 but both musicians have started with their individual musical careers years ago and released their records on various labels.


Artist Name: K37

Real Name: Karl O’Neill

DOB: 09 March 1980

Influences: Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Brian Tyler Ludovico Einaurdi, Michael McCann etc


I'm a music producer from Birmingham in the UK and I have been producing music for nearly 5 years. I started making Trance first as it was a passion of mine when younger, I started making music on the PlayStation with a game called Music 2000. I then found Ableton Live 7 and started producing Trance music as a hobby.

After a couple of years I started being influenced into film and video game soundtracks, I found a love for classical music which influenced my music style, I now strongly believe in telling a story through my music, making a connection with the listener so they can tell their own story’s in their mind while listening.

I’m still learning, I still have many stories to tell. I now use Ableton Live 9 with a small set up at home where I produce music still as a hobby, yet music is something I am very passionate about.
Web Page: http://soundcloud.com/karl_37

lucky one

lucky one is a Belgium based indie music producer.

Playing guitar for 20 years and electronic music for 10 years, he started his solo project in 2005.

lucky one produces warm and atmospheric Trip Hop, Electronica and Chillout music. All his tracks are featuring warm sounds, rich textures, complex beats and subtle harmonies.

lucky one likes to blend elements from a large range of indie, pop, rock and electronic genres.

His music is done using guitars and analog synthesizers, mixed up with loops, software synthesizers and effects. Finally, warm voices are featured on most tracks, as lucky one especially enjoys working with female vocals and spoken words.

On his website, you will find music streams, videos & playlists, and also plenty of free mp3 to download! His music is also available on the main music streaming services and stores.

Since 2011, lucky one have self-produced and released 3 albums and 1 ep. He also has multiple tracks published on different Labels and Net Labels, such as Tales from the Inside, Lounge Masters, IDMf Netlabel, and Cosmic Core.

His main influences are well-known names such as Moderat, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Massive Attack, Air and Max Cooper, but also unsigned artists from the SoundCloud community. It is through SoundCloud and other Internet communities that lucky one could meet many producer buddies from different countries and work with them on multiple collaborations and remixes.

- Official Website: http://luckyone.be

- SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/lucky-one

- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/luckyoneMusic

- Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/LuckyOneMusic

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/luckyoneMusic

- Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/6FiU6pUWATsykz4fLlTWDL

- Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/artist/4740809


Details of my Act:

Loe uses Ableton Live to produce sounds along with various hardware synths, "toys", analog effect pedals, RE-201 Space Echo, guitars, bass guitar, saxophone, melodica, field recordings and anything else she can get her hands on.

Artist Bio:

Loe is the solo project from Aisha Bhagat, of the American synth pop group Addicted2Fiction. This project was birthed after Aisha completed Tom Cosm's "Introduction to Digital Audio Production Using Ableton Live" tutorial video series.

The tools Aisha learned in those tutorials enabled her to reach far deeper into the sonic landscapes formerly locked inside her head, thus generating the combination of machined & organic sounds that make up Loe.


Aisha's musical career began in the 10-piece avant-garde group Gül based in New York City. In 2003, Aisha met fellow female musician/producer Heather Hellskiss and formed Addicted2Fiction (also known as A2F).

A2F re-located to Los Angeles where they contributed songs to several films & television shows including Universal Studios' "The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift", NBC's "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy" & Showtime's "The L Word". While residing in Los Angeles, Aisha was also a member of punk rock trio We Float. Aisha just released an ep entitled "A56R" as Loe, available on Bandcamp.com.

- Bandcamp: http://aishaloe.bandcamp.com/

- Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/iloe

Maiden & Machine

Maiden & Machine is the music based, cloning experiment of Janelle Palmer, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and 'bedroom' producer based in Northland, New Zealand.

"I've always thought it'd be kinda cool to clone myself…and in a musical sense Maiden & Machine is just that. I jam and create with a band of Me's. And the results are songs that are intimately me. They tell my stories, my life experiences, my loves, hurts and annoyances. It's music that makes me feel…and I hope it takes others on a journey too."

Combining sampling & synthesis techniques of electronica with the melody and lyrical styles of indie/pop, the songs of Maiden & Machine are catchy, emotional, gritty. Grunged out guitars comfortably snug up against synth driven melodies and binding it tightly together is the raw honesty of the lyrics and vocal delivery. Throw in solid beats and a strong DIY ethos and you are coming close to appreciating the spirit and sound of Maiden & Machine.


Mash J Prime

Bio coming soon

Michael Knead

Michael was born in Southern Germany in 1979. He enjoyed a thorough education in classical music and from an early age music became a central part of this life. In the 90’s he developed a deep interest in electronic music, right at the point when the genre became popular but was still uncharted territory. During this period Michael worked as a DJ and gained his first experiences of performing on stage.

In 2010, as a natural progression, Michael became a music producer and has enjoyed some early success with his productions. Since 2013, his technological and acoustic knowledge has resulted in opening his own mastering service. Around the same time Michael started to focus on playing electronic music live – in a similar fashion a Jazz musician does.

His signature sound is created using Samples, Drumcomputers and field recordings seamlessly interwoven with the sound of Hardware Synthesizers and other instruments played by hand. Michael creates open minded electronic music with a very human touch. His tracks and performances fit best into these genres: Electronica, Minimal House, IDM and Chillout Music. He also collaborates with musicians and artists from different fields.

Live Performances

Freikonzert, Stuttgart/Germany

Lange Nacht der Museen, Stuttgart/Germany

Contain’t, Stuttgart/Germany

Outer Rim, Stuttgart/Germany

Kulturmenu Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart/Germany

Art & Antik, Stuttgart/Germany

Several internet radio stations


Michael Knead – Springtime Rain (free track), 2014

Michael Knead – Inner Voices EP, Tales From The Inside, Germany, 2013

Anton Sword – The Air (Michael Knead Remix), Detox Rec., Detroit / USA, 2013

Michael Knead – Rainbow Coloured Picture, Baroque Rec., UK, 2013

Michael Knead – Golstaub EP, Tales From The Inside, Germany, 2013

Michael Knead – What If – Babylon Rec., UK, 2013

Knead And Sting – Shattered EP, Tales From The Inside, Germany, 2013

Michael Knead – Nova EP, Tales From The Inside, Germany, 2013

Michael Knead – Concentrated Measurements, Baroque Rec., UK, 2013

Michael Knead – Plastic Empire, Detox Rec., Detroit / USA, 2013

Michael Knead – State Of Mind, Baroque Rec., UK, 2013

Michael Knead – Advanced Chemistry, Babylon Rec., UK, 2013

Michael Knead – Born Electric, Detox Rec., Detroit / USA, 2013

Michael Knead – Hyper Real, Detox Rec., Detroit / USA, 2013

Michael Knead – Plastic Empire EP, Detox Rec., Detroit / USA, 2013

Rob Macson – Inferno (Michael Knead Remix), Detox Rec, Detroit / USA, 2013

Michael Knead – Slick (Drum & Bass), Cosmic Core, 2012

Michael Knead – Liquid Plastic EP, Detox Rec, Detroit / USA, 2012

Michael Knead ft. Alexander Sting – Singularity, Detox Rec, Detroit / USA, 2012

Michael Knead – Conversations II, IDMf Netlabel, 2011

Michael Knead vs. lucky one – Higher, Cosmic Core, 2011

Clients and Collaborations

Carl Aborg, Stockholm

Kiki Brunner, Berlin

Figurentheater Bremerhaven

Kemira Germany GmbH, Frankfurt

Stefan Oberthaler, Vienna

Luzia Simons, Berlin

vanOns Communication Consultants, Frankfurt

Claude Young, Portland

Dieter Zimmermann, Zimmermannfilm, Ludwigsburg

- Website: http://michaelknead.com/
- on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/michael-knead
- on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ikneadmusic

Milkyway Outcast

Milkyway Outcast (Jens Boerner) was an accoustic experimental musician in the under and upper ground in Berlin in the 90's. While playing tuba and trombone he cultivated a secret love for synthetic sound.

now living in a dusty hut under a palm tree in south west Portugal he is totaly endulging into the addiction of creating digital sound in all its possible facets from beats to melody and from harmony to dissonance.


Nayan is a 23 year old chemist from Galway in the west of Ireland.

He's been making music since he started butchering songs on the guitar at the ripe old age of 15, focusing on metal and industrial at the time. He later discovered electronic production 4 years ago, beginning with house, d&b and breakbeat music, but slowly moving towards psychedelic trance, his current passion.

He's starting to release material that he feels is good enough, and will be performing a live set the minute he has enough material together to make one. Namaste

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/nayanalan


Paniono is a project that started in 2011 by producer Magnus Frank. Having a jazz musician dad, music was a part of life from the beginning, and he soon learned to play the guitar and bass. As he became more involved with recording music in the studio, the interest in electronic music started to grow. Now he is located in the forest just outside Oslo in Norway, aiming to make progressive music inspirated by nature, mystisicm and pure manic craziness.

Philt3r (Project Mexxus)

Philt3r, from Australia featured on Cosmic Core Volume I as Project Nexxus and created our Volume I mix tape. he also has played our music live on his show he co-hosts on Radio Port Douglas 107.1FM, Australia. Full Bio coming soon



I'm Rivonia (rhymes with ammonia). I'm someone that loves the late '80s and early '90s - it was the music that I grew up listening to. It was love at first listen with Synthwave.

One of my biggest passions is remixing and I spend a lot of time working on remixes; there's just something about taking a good song and giving it a new haircut.

Do you even synth bro?


Senthrax was born in 1982 and started producing electronic music at the age of 17 along with a couple of friends. They went under the name of Hardsignal and performed live techno on a couple of local parties with Reason and Ableton. After that there was a very long period of radiosilence and the focus went to design and programming and a bit of DJ-ing.

Senthrax has always been keen on managing and creating things himself and this drives him to learn many subjects in many areas. After some years the musical vibe seriously caught up again and he started producing some new tracks with techno, hard techno, psytrance, acid and house influences and getting more into depth into the theory of it all. Still lookin to learn new stuff every day he produces music in his spare time amongst doing many other non-music related projects.

Senthrax can be found at:


Picture a frozen wasteland, stretching flat in all directions as far as the eye can see. Picture a tiny city struggling against the Elements to carve Life into this barren expanse. Picture a solitary man, alone in the wilderness . Now look up, and envision the vast night sky rippling, dancing with blue-green fire.

These are the forces that come to bear in the music of Soma, the organic electronic project of Canadian artist Jesse Davis Selkirk. Raw and human, lush and gorgeous, these sounds are coaxed from guitars, grown out of samples, conjured through synthesis, and sung with the clear voice of an angel.

Having come of age at the height of the mainstream rave movement in North America the seeds of Soma were planted in Jesse early. However, only after discovering the organic sounds of acts like Apparat and Younger Brother, as well as the vibrant community of electronic music in Western Canada, did Soma begin to take living shape. After several years of experimentation and growth with his live electronic band The Depth (including a full length album funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and performances at major festivals sharing the stage with Simon Posford, the National Parcs, and Infected Mushroom), the time was ripe for Soma to be born. Shaking off the remnants of the cocoon, wings drying in the warm morning sunlight, this music is a powerful new being standing on the edge of a world of possibilities.

Somerville and Wilson

Meeting through mutual friends in late 2011, Richard Somerville and Craig Wilson started talking music and life. They quickly realised that they had a strong mutual love for a wide variety in musical tastes across the dance spectrum including a massive passion for Nu Disco and House.

Never pigeonholing themselves to one style when making or playing music, the more they talked the more it became apparent that they had met their musical match. So of course the next natural step was to get in the studio together and see what came out of the newly found "pandora's box" that is "Somerville & Wilson".

Within the first session in the studio the boys soon found that not only did they have similar tastes when producing, but an uncanny knack of producing together via something akin to osmosis.

Blending a love of old skool vibes with new skool acid flavours, "House Paint" was born from one of these sessions in the studio. With props for "House Paint" from around the world on their Soundcloud page, ranging from "yeah, proper acid house", "cool, very old skool, takes me back to the 90's", "brilliant!!!!!!" to the comment from Italian global stars Ajello "Great stuff guys!!! Congratulations", the Somerville & Wilson love has gone global.

With 4 more tracks finished, including "Get Me Up" also featured on their Soundcloud page, and interest from labels, 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for Somerville & Wilson.

Keep a close eye on these guys from Australia, because after only 6 months in the studio together weaving their magic, it won't be too long before other Djs and Producers want a piece of that "osmosis magic" that is Somerville & Wilson.

For all the latest tracks and remixes by the duo, check out their Soundcloud page soundcloud.com/somerville-1i

For booking's and all other enquiries email Richard or Craig at somervilleandwilson@gmail.com


Sonic Grenade

Bio coming soon


Four parts dub, one part house, equal parts breaks and drum n bass, dusted with an organic blend of evolving atmospheres and live filtering delays. Twice chilled for added grooveability. Grown in New Zealand.

Producing a wide-ranging collage of ambient, dub, breaks and drum & bass, SUBSET originally began life as Right Eye Syndrome, writing tracks to pass between friends basing works on movies and TV shows such as The Simpsons, Office Space, and created a rather heavy version of The Smurfs theme song.

Although these found great appeal, copyright infringement was high and so to avoid possible legal battles these were never released for sale. SUBSET now produces entirely original music, ranging from dark ambient dub, through groove, and into breaks and drum & bass.



swaL is a 24 year old IT contractor based in Wellington, New Zealand.

He started out making seamless CDs in 2006 - putting all his favourite songs together using DJ software and matching the beats to create interesting transitions.

In 2010, he thought he would step it up a notch and try to produce his own tracks.

Since then he has been experimenting with various genres and techniques in Ableton Live.

swaL thinks of producing as a hobby, so plans to continue practicing and enjoying it into the future.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/swaL

The Meme Keeper

Ujjwal Agarwal (born 6th June 1987) , known as The Meme Keeper, is an Indian musician, composer and producer. With influences ranging from indian classical to alternative rock, from psy ambient to dub step, he dabbles with experimental music with no distinct genre.

His music has got an experiential feel to it, its aimed at evoking emotions and reactions more than moving legs on the dance floor.

His sounds are majorly a mixture of organic and acoustic textures, layered with flutes and guitars and bass. With influences ranging from Amon Tobin, ott, Sphongle, Shulman to Radiohead, Pearl jam, Dave Matthews Band, he labels himself as a humble archivist of musical ideas worth spreading.


The Missing Link - (Lucas Palmeira, aka Lukkas)

A DJ and musical producer since the beginning of the 90's, he acquired musical knowledge with the maestro and teacher Luis Lopes having also attended The Musical Conservatory of Porto.

He finished his college degree in Musical Production and Technologies at Escola Superior de Musica e Artes do Espectaculo, having made an internship for a year working for the Audio Services of Instituto Politécnico do Porto.

He has a masters degree in Multimédia, specializing in Interactive music and Sound Design at Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto. He was the composer and musical producer for Millennium Passengers 2001.

Composer of the piece "Emotional Runner" for Drumming (ESMAE's percussion orchestra).

Has tracks released in the labels Container, Extended Records, Sui Geniris and Monocline as “Lukkas” well as in The french label Boxon Records with the project Freimatic which he co-founded. He is in charge of all the mastering for the labels Container, Extended Records. He is also co-founder of the artists agency promoter and music label Freima and the recently created FreimaLabs. He is the producer for the projects "The Missing Link", “Uzume” and “O Amante Negro”, as well as co-producer of the techno project “Umbra”.

He has played in the most important clubs of his country (Gare Club, Industria, Plano B, Armazem do Chá, HardClub, Maus Habitos, Theatro Circo café, Alcantara Mar, Opart, 8Graus, etc...) and in European cities like London and Madrid, sharing booths with names like Jeff Mills, Jeroen Search, Martin Dawson, Nom de Strip, Ltj Bukem, and others.

His sound has a strong eclectic print where the emotional landscapes fuse with an enormous rithmic performance.


Tom Cosm

Bio coming soon, but heaps of info on the link below.





Twist EQ (TEQ)

Hi my name is Mark Dawson and my artist name is Twist EQ or TEQ.

I have been making music for years ever since I started messing around with Dance E-Jay on PC, I really enjoy it as a hobby!

I now use Ableton Live and anything by Native Instruments. My aim is to put out an EP next year and one day perform live to loads of people ;-)

Before Cosmic Core I only ever had one credit which was on a Celldweller remix CD, so I'm really excited about being part of Cosmic Core.

Two Among Millions

Two Among Millions

Alexander Manthey-Romei (Guitarist, Composer, Producer)

Victoria Romei (Singer, Composer, Lyrics)

After spending a long time playing in several bands, we found out that we are the perfect match – musically and personally. We got married, became parents of a little cute boy and started „Two Among Millions“.

Our music is a mixture of Pop and Electro. The lyrics are inspired by our experiences in everyday life. We are always open minded for new stuff and we do what we like to do.


- on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/two-among-millions

- on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Among-Millions/102889843213029


Reemerging after a break from producing and performing , Raphael Osland has a new sound rich in organic harmonics.

Through these unique harmonics,he creates songs produced for your listening pleasure.

As a solo artist, he enjoys collaborations with like minded individuals. His artist name is UTRONICA.

Behind The Scenes

Below you can find info about those who are involved with keeping the Cosmic Core rolling.



'Cosmic Core' name, logo, website and artwork - Senthrax.

Direction, Admin and CD cover/web updates– Damon Breakz

Cosmic Core Vol I

Mix Tape & Ableton Live Remix Files Organisation by Project Nexxus.

Album track ordering led by K37.

Audio conversion & tagging by Happenstance, Damon Breakz & K37

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22 mastered by Paniono.

Tracks 3 and 10 mastered by Lukkas, (Freimatic Twins, Portugal)

Audio conversion & tagging - Happenstance, Damon Breakz & K37

Track Fades – Damon Breakz

Cosmic Core: Drum & Bass From The Core

Project Directors: Damon Breakz and Happenstance

Album artwork – Rivonia Scheimann

Album track ordering – KG (now K37)

All tracks mastered by Paniono, except 5, 8, 17.

Fades, edits and track tagging - Damon Breakz


Our favorite music tutor/artist mr... TOM COSM - Cosm.co.nz

and our favourite music software, Ableton Live - Ableton.com

Thanks for listening. Have a pleasant journey back to planet earth.

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